well, hope this works.it is a slideshow of memories of the last day of school and dressup day and dinner dance :D great times never to be forgotten. :D hehehe if this doesnt fukin work this time then i will kill some1!! RAGE!!! -Butters <3

Thursday, November 6, 2008

my wedding!

well, i was plannin to get married to the earth on monday at 9pm..
be lee didnt show up.. so i was just cut. i mean.. i cant sacrifice myself to the world without at least one of my friends being there to give me a lil push.. or "accidentally" trip me over.
but u know.. wasnt too bad i guess.. lee and i spoke over fb soo much.. and msn too!!
i bet any1 readin what we were typin would have been comletely confused and like 'WTF?!"
hahaha. bt it was completely random and such good fun.
always made me smile when i read somethin.
heres an example:

Butters says (10:09 PM):
i may not b home then..bt feel free! hahaha
Lee says (10:10 PM):
hmmm... not home...? erm... where do you keep all your valuables? *smiles*
Butters says (10:10 PM):
ahahaha. letterbo... i mean wouldnt u like to know
Lee says (10:10 PM):
as a matter of fact i would...
Butters says (10:11 PM):
Lee says (10:11 PM):
letterbo... hmmm.... letterboalcany? letterbowling alley? letterbofront door? letterboswimming pool? ARGH THIS HARD WORK IS KILLING ME

see what i mean? that guy is a legend!! hahaha.

i dont know what i would have done without lee, katie, james and carter this year..
i honeslty believe that if i didnt have them life would b a lot worse.. if i was even still here.
they have all helped me out sooo much this year.. and i will never forget any of them.
so yeh.. thanks guys :D
its great to have them to tlk to through all the rough times.
bt yeh.. :) good times.. great memories.

all the best to every1 for TEE and the big, bright future ahead!!
life is what u make it,
live every day like it is ur last... smile like u have never smiled before, love like uve never been hurt, and kiss like it is ur last kiss on this earth.
for if we lived every day like it was our last, what a life it would be :)
keep friends close to the heart :)
- Butters <3

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