well, hope this works.it is a slideshow of memories of the last day of school and dressup day and dinner dance :D great times never to be forgotten. :D hehehe if this doesnt fukin work this time then i will kill some1!! RAGE!!! -Butters <3

Thursday, November 6, 2008

last week of school

well, its been a while since i last updated.

well, man its been a looong 5 years of high school
and im happy yet sad to say it has come to an end.
there are a few fantastic ppl like Lee, Carter, Eddy and many more that i know i will stay in touch with and b friends for ever..
and others that ill quite frankly be happy to loose touch with. hahaha.
not to be mean to anyone.. bt yeh.. im sick of a few ppl atm :S

ok, last day of school was crazy!!
so many shirts were signed and woah!! it was AWESOME!!
it was one of the greatest days of school ever!!
ate sooo much junk food and signed soo many ppls shirts!

then monday was dress up day!! woo!!
3 AMIGOES with my 2 best gals.
well, to b honest i dont think it was worth the money.. so pointless!!
hahaha. would have been better if we had the whole day at school..
bt meh... lee looked awesome! and eddy was sooo cute as a bee!! only wish carter could have come.. bt school is shitty hey.. neways..

tuesday final assembly!
bt yeh.. glad thats over. hahaha
then massive photo was taken and i was standin near lee. bt i dont think ull b able to see me in the photo.. my hair wasnt crazy this time.... bumm :( oh well..
then woo dinner dance!!
was sooo much fun! was the craziest most fun night of my life!!
got lots of photos..
a really bad one of me taken by lee.. hahaah. bt u gotta laugh hey...
then i got a real nice one with lee and shieldsy.. so was good :)
bt on the way home i got pulled over by the cops! oh no!!!
its 5 to midnight.. and im a p plater drivin outta freo.. nothin sus! hahaha
well, it was the 3rd cop car id seen in about 5 mins..
they did a freakin u turn and pulled me over!!
said it was a "random breath test"
hehhee. they asked if i had been drinkin and where was my lisence etc etc.
bt i hadnt been. everythin was all good! bt still didnt stop me from bein scared shitless!
hahaha. bt yeh. then i was on my way home and off to bed!! yey for sleep!!

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