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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

shit month

well, its been a shit of a month.
3 people under the age of 20 who were good friends of mine have passed away.
the most recent being thomas mcguiness.
i went to youth group with him, and he was so much fun. smiley! :D
he always used to start our msn conversations with his trademark 'yodel'
man that pissed me off sometimes. hahaha. bt i sure am going to miss it..
it was unique. tom was such a special guy.. and nobody could hate him.
i never had a bad time with tom around..
all we had with tom were good times. it was fun, and we all laughed so much and did crazy things... he was so great.
i got a led zeppelin tshit today. im so happy.. i was lookin at photos of tom and found one of him wearing the exact tshirt i got. i was sooo happy :)

tuesday was one of the best days of my life...
a special friend of mine baught me a gorgeous necklace, and i spent most of the day with them... they also got me lunch.. and pods. yum. hehehe. was twix flavour. sooo good.
was such a great day.. they cheered me up so much and i was so greatful.
every night pretty much i have been hanging out at the church..
so many ppl.. layin there watchin BRAK, or listenin to led zeppelin.. and drinkin toms favourite drink... the frozen coke from maccas. hahaha. good times :)
the best part about the memorial we made for tom is it has his hair.
he cut it a few yrs ago (it was really really long)
and he had to cut it short before he went to mongolia. and we kept his hair..
and it is pinned up on the wall.. it is still so soft..
and his car air freshner still smells like his car and him..
and when u call his phone.. you can still hear his voice..
*sigh* im going to miss tom so much.

well, yeh..if i write much more im gonna start crying again.
until next time!!