well, hope this works.it is a slideshow of memories of the last day of school and dressup day and dinner dance :D great times never to be forgotten. :D hehehe if this doesnt fukin work this time then i will kill some1!! RAGE!!! -Butters <3

Saturday, September 20, 2008


its still exam period..
and i CBF studying.
i havnt watched an episode of south park in ages..
im startin to miss those guys..
eric not so much, but stan, kenny and kyle are awesome.

and also ive been pretty depressed lately..
no dr. chaos to wreck havoc on the world.
(soon.. soon enough.. u just wait! mwahahaha!!)

and no this is not just a distraction from study! i swear its not!!

well, i didnt really have that much to say neways..
just missin a few ppl right now who i hold very close to my heart...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Exams :S

ok ok..so its the second day of the exam period.
i had my english exam yesterday.. and have a maths one 2moro...
so why i am sitting here and writing this instead of writing up cheet sheets i really dont know.. bt i am going to blame it on lee. HA!
(oh, and btw lee.. thanks for dl that thing for me. ur awesome!!
oh.. and could i maybe also ask u to maybe dl somethin else for me??????)

oooh.. exciting news! (well.. not really.. bt neways)
i got my ears pierced (again..)
well, my cousins fiance needed a 'model'. a person who wanted their ears pierced..
cause she is doing a beautician course in the city and it was for her exam.
well, she did a really good job. only cost $5.50 so i was like sweeT!
she was gonna pay for it but i told her not to be silly... i mean.. she was the one doing all the work.
bt yeh.. cause i have such sensitive skin..
even after she used the numbing stuff TWICE on my ears i could still feel it..
and she was gettin worried. so i told her not to worry and do it neways..
and yeh. hurt a lil.. bt was all good. im really happy with the result!
so now i can wear 3 different pairs of earings at the same time!!!
i really wana get the top of my ear pierced as well. maybe ill get it done when im in melbourne.... hmm.. ill think ab0ut ut. hehehe.

well, thats all i can think of to say in this lil bloglet.
so.. ill stop stalling and hit the books! woo!
il keep ya updated.. (if i dont forget.. ahha)
~Butters <3

Monday, September 1, 2008

My weekend

Hello to all, this is my first blog! yey! so excited!!

well, bad news to begin with really isnt it..
My primary school friend Rosemary White (Rosie) was killed in a horrific accident. It is devastating really.. and my heart goes out to Rosies, James and Braydens families and friends.. and to all the people whos lives were touched by 3 such beautiful people.

Sunday was the Open day. so lee, carter and i set off on the road to discovery!! DISCOVERERS WELCOME!! bt there was no free food much to carters disappointment. Yet he still baught me lunch (so sweet!!! <3 ) hahaha. and yes.
wooo! ok, the the massive blow up fighting arena with 2 podiums in the middle.. where 2 ppl wack the crap outta eachother with massive bean bag pole thingies..
and yeh. painful! bt great fun! I NEVER LOST!! WOOOOO!!
oh, and i went on the mad cow ride at about 11.30 am. I scored a level 7.2 !! i was so proud!!
i went back at the end of the day.. and my record remained unbeaten! LEGEND!

ok, i have been workin on how to spell Shenanigans all freakin day. i asked Lee who is in english lit.. and he didnt know (let me down man.. seriously!)
went onto asking Kretzman and Dan.. and neither knew!!!
so went into Discrete feelin pretty down.. and ask the teacher. yet again another person who does not know!!
Worst of all, i ask my english teacher last period and she didnt know either. She is a english teacher!!!!! omg!! she told me to look it up in the dictionaty.. and it wasnt there!!!!
so i resorted to good ol google. it never fails me! so yes, i now know how to spell it :D hooray!

well, yes. i think thatll do me for now. ill probably post more later :D