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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Exams :S

ok ok..so its the second day of the exam period.
i had my english exam yesterday.. and have a maths one 2moro...
so why i am sitting here and writing this instead of writing up cheet sheets i really dont know.. bt i am going to blame it on lee. HA!
(oh, and btw lee.. thanks for dl that thing for me. ur awesome!!
oh.. and could i maybe also ask u to maybe dl somethin else for me??????)

oooh.. exciting news! (well.. not really.. bt neways)
i got my ears pierced (again..)
well, my cousins fiance needed a 'model'. a person who wanted their ears pierced..
cause she is doing a beautician course in the city and it was for her exam.
well, she did a really good job. only cost $5.50 so i was like sweeT!
she was gonna pay for it but i told her not to be silly... i mean.. she was the one doing all the work.
bt yeh.. cause i have such sensitive skin..
even after she used the numbing stuff TWICE on my ears i could still feel it..
and she was gettin worried. so i told her not to worry and do it neways..
and yeh. hurt a lil.. bt was all good. im really happy with the result!
so now i can wear 3 different pairs of earings at the same time!!!
i really wana get the top of my ear pierced as well. maybe ill get it done when im in melbourne.... hmm.. ill think ab0ut ut. hehehe.

well, thats all i can think of to say in this lil bloglet.
so.. ill stop stalling and hit the books! woo!
il keep ya updated.. (if i dont forget.. ahha)
~Butters <3

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